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Calgary Stampede in Review

So the Calgary Stampede is over. For the city of Calgary it meant a boost in tourism revenue (despite the economic and weather conditions). For me, it meant 18 gigs in 10 days. Last year I did 22, the year … Continue reading

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Great Video of Paul Chambers

I recently came across the video below of John Coltrane with Wynton Kelly, Jimmy Cobb and Paul Chambers. I’ve always thought that Paul Chambers deserves more credit than he receives (something echoed by Marcus Miller in a recent blurb in … Continue reading

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Double-Stops Masterclass

I’ve been working on some new techniques, including slapping and developing my technique with respect to double stops. I found a useful “masterclass” written by John Goldsby in several 2007 issues of Double Bassist magazine (now defunct and incorporated into … Continue reading

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Three Finger Pizzicato

I’ve been working on developing a three finger pizzicato technique. NHOP had a great technique as can be seen in this video. I’ve been trying to develop this skill with some success, but wanted to develop some more refined techniques … Continue reading

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