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The Steel Guitar Black Box by Sarno Music Solutions

Way back in 2008, I listened to a podcast from Contrabass Conversations featuring Steve Rodby talking about gear issues faced by double bassists playing with amplification.  One of the things he discussed at length was the problems with impedance faced … Continue reading

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Copyright law and the most famous 6 seconds of contemporary music

I’m working on some research regarding copyright laws in the music industry, with a focus on genres when they are emerging (i.e., considered underground). Copyright laws are all about providing incentives for creative development and productive research. One of the … Continue reading

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January 13, 2010: a rough day for music

Yesterday, three prominent musicians died: Teddy Pendergrass (soul, R&B), Ed Thigpen (jazz) and Jay Reatard (punk, garage). Rough day across all genres of American music.

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Canada’s Music Industry

According to a recent report by the Martin Prosperity Institute: On a per capita basis, Canada’s music industry dramatically outperforms the US when it comes to the presence of music business establishments (this category includes record labels, distributors, recording studios, … Continue reading

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The Talking Piano

In this truly amazing video, we see how a frequency analysis of an individual’s voice can be turned into “music”. The result: A Talking Piano.

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National Ramones Day

So today (October 8th) is the birthday of both Johnny and C-Jay Ramone. If there was ever an occasion of a holiday in the name of the Ramones, this might be it.

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John Philip Sousa on the recording industry

I’m currently reading Elijah Wald‘s book How the Beatles Destroyed Rock and Roll. In it he discusses the views of John Philip Sousa towards recording and the dissemination of “machine-made music.” The quote below is from Sousa’s essay “The Menace … Continue reading

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