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Art Pepper’s Birthday

Today (Sept 1) is the birth date of Art Pepper. Yesterday, I was listening to the album Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section, one of my favorite albums (mainly because of the playing by Red Garland). I always kind of … Continue reading

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The Steel Guitar Black Box by Sarno Music Solutions

Way back in 2008, I listened to a podcast from Contrabass Conversations featuring Steve Rodby talking about gear issues faced by double bassists playing with amplification.  One of the things he discussed at length was the problems with impedance faced … Continue reading

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John Philip Sousa on the recording industry

I’m currently reading Elijah Wald‘s book How the Beatles Destroyed Rock and Roll. In it he discusses the views of John Philip Sousa towards recording and the dissemination of “machine-made music.” The quote below is from Sousa’s essay “The Menace … Continue reading

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Ray Drummond’s Core 50

I just came back from the Stanford Jazz Workshop. At the sessions, bassist Ray Drummond gave out a list of the core 50 songs every bassist (and other instrumentalists) should know. Here it is for those interested. 1. I can’t … Continue reading

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Jazz 50 Years Ago

Here‘s the article. ‘Nuff said. Will we ever have such a landmark year for music in any genre?

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Branford Marsalis on the state of jazz education

Branford Marsalis will be performing at the Calgary jazz festival. Here are some excerpts from his interview in the Calgary Herald: For the 48-year-old saxophonist, composer, teacher and leader of the Branford Marsalis Quartet, the importance of learning from those … Continue reading

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Learning Tunes

Here’s a video about how to learn tunes and songs. The key is letting your ears fully absorb the tunes, going slowly and thoroughly through the tunes. While this may seem obvious, the video gives some nice ideas on accomplishing … Continue reading

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