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Defining Success

In a recent post Arnold Kling made the observation regarding how important it is to define success in an appropriate way for your preferences. I’ve seen this argument here (where there are benefits to having different people define success differently) … Continue reading

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Man, Jenny McCarthy drives me nuts…

and not like she used to back in 1995. I’m at the point now that I think she’s doing a disservice to the autism community. Yesterday she was on CNN with three doctors for debate regarding vaccines and autism. (For … Continue reading

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Albertan Tar Sands

Calgary made the Democracy Now broadcast of April 2nd. There‚Äôs an interesting discussion of Calgary in regards to the actions by U.S. oil companies regarding investments in clean(-er) energies and the availability of oil in Albertan tar-sands (which is about … Continue reading

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Keep the Buses Running on TIme!

I don’t ask much from my city government. Fix the potholes, maybe a good recycling program, police and fire services. The other thing I want is buses that run on time. Or lease run predictably. One concern of every municipality … Continue reading

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In defense of chaotic practice

Whenever I sit down to practice I try to give myself at least five minutes of just making noise on my instrument. I’m not really just making noise, but I’m giving myself a little bit of time in which I … Continue reading

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Exceptional trivia

I’ve recently supervised my first graduate student in completing her Ph.D. Like most people who finish a doctoral degree, she went out on the academic market to find a job. In fact, in my opinion, she did quite well and … Continue reading

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