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the R-Word

As a parent of someone with special needs, I always have some trouble with the use of the word retard or retarded, regardless of the context. My friends know this and avoid use of the word.The Special Olympics has launched … Continue reading

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The R-word

As a parent of an autistic boy, I’ve always been sensitive to the use of the word “retard” regardless of context. With the recent brouhaha regarding President Obama’s reference to the Special Olympics, there has been increased attention to the … Continue reading

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Man, Jenny McCarthy drives me nuts…

and not like she used to back in 1995. I’m at the point now that I think she’s doing a disservice to the autism community. Yesterday she was on CNN with three doctors for debate regarding vaccines and autism. (For … Continue reading

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Diagnosing Autism

Here’s an interesting article from CNN, mainly for parents needing help getting a proper diagnosis of their children with respect to autistic behavior. I think the article is good, but worry sometime about the potential for over-reaction. In some sense, … Continue reading

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Why don’t people dance at jazz shows?

Lately, my son and I have been taking in a local jazz jam on Saturday afternoons. I’ve gone a few times to this jam and played. When I’m there with my son, he and I hang out together, orders some … Continue reading

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Being a parent of a child with autism, I’m used to certain manner in which we (i.e., my son and I) do things. For example, restaurant dining usually involves getting up and wandering around with my son, singing songs of … Continue reading

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