Sonic Arts May 12

As part of a class I’m sitting in on, I’m writing a listening journal. While I’m not putting my thoughts, ideas, analysis of what I hear in this blog, I am posting some of the field recordings I’m doing for the journal. Here are some recordings from today. They were from my walk to work this morning with Samo, our 10 year old chocolate lab.

A few caveats, the recorder I’m using just went through an upgrade that I wasn’t expecting to change anything. However, the upgrade changed the way the gain works. Hence, you can hear me getting used to the gain controls with some volume issues.

On to the recordings. The first is from around 8am this morning, made along 14th St NW: May 12 14th St

The latter one was taken about 15 minutes later in a green belt along John Laurie Blvd: May 12 green belt

I’ll leave it to the listener to figure out which one Samo preferred.


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