Beethoven House

I’m in Bonn Germany for a few days, working at IZA. I got in today so only had a little of time in the office, but went for a walk later on. My goal is to stay up until 10pm tonight. (I haven’t slept since 8am yesterday Mountain time.)

I went to the Beethoven Haus on my walk, a place I’ve gone to both times I’ve been in Bonn. Bonn is really a city of classical music. Beethoven lived here and his museum is really quite amazing. I’m always awed by the instruments and the original manuscripts here. Matt Heller recently wrote about Beethoven’s “style” of writing and the “need” for corrections. I have to say that looking at his manuscripts, I have no idea how to read them. I assume they are drafts, hence the markings and edits throughout. It gives a great view into part of a real genius’ creative process.

My favorite exhibits in the museum are the instruments which Beethoven used when he wrote his String Quartet op. 18. The museum sells CD’s of Beethoven’s works performed on his instruments. I picked up the string quartets.

Tomorrow is time for real work though. I’m hoping the owner of my hotel will help me identify a few music stores here in Bonn.


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